The pros and cons of living in a listed building

Listed buildings will never go out of fashion. Like a vintage Chanel bag, they will simply never date. In fact, a recent report shows that period properties, especially listed properties, will increase in value, especially if they have been lovingly and sympathetically restored and looked after.

However, there are others who will argue that listed properties are nothing more than vast money pits, high maintenance and highly demanding of your time and energy. But who is right? To set the record straight, here’s our quickfire guide to the pros and cons of living in a listed building:


  • Owning a listed building is like owning a piece of living British history; it’s a huge privilege and ultimately very satisfying and appealing
  • Listed properties are usually situated in fantastic locations – idyllic countryside spots or sweeping urban crescents and terraces
  • Listed properties will increase in value so make good long-term investments, especially if they are looked after and maintained using traditional building methods and materials
  • Listed buildings are usually aesthetically pleasing and come with a host of original features such as old wooden beams, open fireplaces and stone mullion windows
  • You will own a unique property that has stood the test of time


  • Maintaining a listed building can be costly and time-consuming – traditional building techniques and materials are more expensive than modern ones and take longer to administer
  • Listed Building Consent will need to be sought for alterations both externally and internally (although in the vast majority of cases these are granted)
  • Insurance for listed properties can be higher than traditional building insurances
  • A listed property may be tired and dated and unsuitable for modern family living, but this is something that can be easily rectified using a reputable builder, experienced in period property conservation and listed building repairs and restoration
Peter Little
Property Conservation Company Ltd