Interview with Property Conservation Co's CEO

Check out this interview with Property Conservation Co's Peter Little, as featured in the Hampton's Relocation Guide, Chiswick

Property Conservation Co's Peter Little talks about his experience in renovating period properties in London in an interview with Hampton's Relocation Guide, Chiswick.


Q. Tell us why someone in the process of acquiring a listed building should get in contact with you?

A. We have been leading the way in period property renovation in London and the Cotswolds for over 35 years. We offer a pre-purchase consultancy service offering a detailed site inspection and property report along with a free estimate for construction works.


Q. Has your job given you a special appreciation of pre-20th Century workmanship?

A. We have worked on all types of period properties including Victorian, Regency, Georgian and Edwardian homes all over the country. You can’t help but fall in love with each individual project as they are all so varied and fascinating.


Q. Can you give an example of the specialist skills or knowledge you have on these types of buildings?

A. Our in-house team of project managers and building consultants have a wealth of knowledge and experience to oversee our specialist tradesmen from traditional lime plasterers and expert stone masons to bespoke period joiners.


Q. Has there been a particular listed building that you fell in love with?

A. There are many, but one in particular was a grade one listed building in Shoreditch which was home to a traditional old London pub called The Griffin. We carried out extensive refurbishment and renovation works. The upper two floors were transformed from derelict old event rooms into two new luxurious penthouse apartments whilst the pub at the ground floor and the external elevations of the building were given a complete and thorough make over.


Q. In terms of planning authorities in the UK what’s you view on how we look after our listed buildings?

A. The planning authorities are doing a stellar job in maintaining the historic fabric of our listed buildings. We work closely with heritage consultants and conservation officers to sympathetically restore all of our period properties.


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Peter Little
Property Conservation Company Ltd